Joe Hanrahan of St. Louis’ Midnight Company will appear in THE COCKROACH OF BROADWAY by Hope Weiner, which will be part of New York City’s Rogue Theater Festival. The Festival, featuring 14 new plays, will run virtually from December 10-13, 2020.  Weiner’s play will be broadcast on Sunday, December 13, at 1:30 pm (CST).  Tickets are $9.00, and are now on sale here:

About THE COCKROACH OF BROADWAY, Ms. Weiner said  “Arguably, if one wanted to make law school fun one could dedicate the full three years to studying Harvey Weinstein’s recent fall from grace and come out with an amazing understanding of the current American legal system. Given that so much of the law is determined by “community standards” his case really asks us to deep dive into what our standards are. Furthermore we are also asked to deep dive into our belief in the potential for rehabilitation. As for the title, well Jesse Green made me laugh in 2018 when he reviewed the Donna Summer Musical but at the time I felt that even more so than the scourge of jukebox musicals, this title belonged to Harvey Weinstein. So at last musings on Mr. Weinstein and other men of questionable repute.”  She also described the play as “…definitely a think piece. The purpose is to really invite people to take a step back and evaluate situations for themselves. It is an invitation to bring back reason.”
In the play, Hanrahan will portray Harvey Weinstein and Alan Dershowitz, while Ms. Weiner will portray the character Shadchan, a professional Jewish matchmaker or marriage broker.

In the past year, Hanrahan has appeared (pre-pandemic) in Metro Theater’s GHOST and in SATE’s APHRA BEHN FESTIVAL, and since has been seen in the virtual Arts United StL effort to help local artists and in a Zoom production of SEINFELD: A QUARANTINE EPISODE by Michael Long, and wrote COME TOGETHER, a Zoom play for St. Louis Shakespeare.  And most recently he performed Eric Bogosian’s SEX, DRUGS, ROCK & ROLL for Midnight, which was the first (and still only) live theatre production during the shutdown.
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