Premieres Include Films Featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, Billie Eilish and Chris Paul, and the Hopeful Future of Ferguson, MO 

For the first time ever, the Tribeca Festival, presented by AT&T, announced today the launch of its virtual hub, Tribeca At Home, an online platform to offer audiences, unable to attend the live, in-person events taking place June 9-20 across New York City this year, a flexible option to join in the fun from the comfort of their couch.

The new Tribeca Online Premieres section will invite festival-goers from around the country the opportunity to share and engage in making the festival experience even more dynamic and accessible to everyone. With a robust lineup of exciting new films, shorts and documentaries planned, the hub will also include an immersive showcase of 14 VR selections, various podcasts and games programming.  The carefully curated films listed below will be exclusively available to online audiences in the U.S. only. Podcasts and gaming details to be announced at a later date.  

Tribeca at Home virtual screenings are available for advance purchase at

Movie-goers will also be able to purchase tickets to special online encore screenings of features and short films following their premieres at New York City venues. Exclusive virtual festival-style Q&As with the creators and cast will follow many of the feature films where online audiences can tune in to the panel discussions. 

“Tribeca at Home allows us to bring the heart of our festival to even more communities around the country,” said Tribeca Enterprises and Tribeca Festival Co-Founder and CEO Jane Rosenthal. “While we are excited to gather in person this year with our live screenings reaching every corner of NYC, festival-goers and the at-home audiences will have more access to a diverse lineup of storytellers than ever before.” 

“Tribeca first brought the festival experience into audience’s homes in 2011 with the launch of our Tribeca Online Film Festival, and again as the first festival of 2020 to announce virtual programming,” said Cara Cusumano, Festival Director and VP of Programming. “Now as we celebrate a return to in-person events in 2021, we are excited to also continue to cultivate our nationwide festival family with this new evolution of virtual programming into a permanent festival section.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama & Archbishop Desmond Tutu in ‘Mission: Joy’

The Tribeca Online Premieres line-up will showcase 35 films including 24 features and 11 shorts. Select features and three previously announced shorts screening in person as part of the Juneteenth program will also be included within the Tribeca Online Premieres focusing on music, health and civil unrest. Academy Award®-winner Louie Psihoyos’ Mission: Joy documents the friendship between Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. They’re Trying To Kill Us, executive produced by Billie Eilish and Chris Paul, explores the disproportionately higher rates of chronic disease in the African American community while examining the intersections of food, disease, race, poverty, institutional racism and government corruption. Ferguson Rising, directed by Mobolaji Olambiwonnu, brings to light a new portrait of the community of Ferguson, the family and friends of Michael Brown, and a message of hope, love and renewal. 

Narrative selections include: Creation Stories charting the dazed, confused and drug-fueled life of music mogul Alan McGee, whose label, Creation Records, catalyzed the Britpop sound of the 90’s by signing era-defining bands including Oasis, Primal Scream, and My Bloody Valentine; Mickey Reese directs Agnes in which a church dispatches a pair of priests to a convent where one of the nuns is possibly under the control of a demon; and the sci-fi thriller, Settlers, is set on a desolate Mars homestead, where young Remmy finds herself the prisoner of a mysterious and murderous stranger.

2021 Tribeca Online Premieres:

*The below selections will be available exclusively for online audiences in the U.S. only.


Agnes, directed by Mickey Reece, written by John Selvidge, Mickey Reece. Produced by Jensine Carr, Jacob Snovel. (United States) – Online World Premiere. The church dispatches a pair of priests to a convent where one of the nuns is possibly under the control of a demon. For one particular nun, their arrival signals an intense crisis of faith. With Molly Quinn, Jake Horowitz, Sean Gunn, Chris Browning, Ben Hall, Mary Buss. 

Asking For It, directed and written by Eamon O’Rourke. Produced by Kiersey Clemons, Lee Broda, Ezra Miller, Luke Daniels. Executive produced by Kevin Beer,  Savoy Brummer, Lisa Yaro, Sol Guy, Seema Thakker (United States) – Online World Premiere. After a chance encounter with an acquaintance takes a dark turn, a traumatized young woman teams up with a group of tough female renegades whose thirst for justice empowers them to take on belligerent frat boys, corrupt police officers, and a dangerous alt-right group with a noxiously charismatic leader. With Kiersey Clemons, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexandra Shipp, Ezra Miller, Radha Mitchell, Gabourey Sidibe, Leslie Stratton,  Casey Camp-Horinek, Leyna Bloom, Lisa Yaro, Casey Cott,  Demetrius Shipp, Jr., with Luke Hemsworth, and David Patrick Kelly.

Creation Stories, directed by Nick Moran, written by Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh, produced by Shelley Hammond, Hollie Richmond, Nathan McGough and Ben Dillon (UK) – Online US Premiere. Creation Stories charts the dazed, confused and drug-fueled life of music mogul Alan McGee, whose label Creation Records catalyzed the Britpop sound of the 90’s by signing era-defining bands including Oasis, Primal Scream, and My Bloody Valentine. With Ewen Bremner, Suki Waterhouse, Jason Isaacs,  Jason Flemyng, Thomas Turgoose, and Steven Berkoff.

Alan McGee “Creation Stories”

Dating and New York, directed and written by Jonah Feingold. Produced by Joaquin Acrich. (United States) – Online World Premiere. After meeting on the dating app Meet Cute and having a one-night stand, two New York millennials draw up a “Best Friends with Benefits” contract to avoid the pitfalls of a relationship, but complications ensue. With Jaboukie Young-White, Francesca Reale, Catherine Cohen, Brian Muller, Jerry Ferrara, Sohina Sidhu, Eva Victor, Arturo Castro, Taylor Hill, Alex Moffat, Hallie Samuels, Yedoye Travis, Sondra James.

Glob Lessons, directed by Nicole Rodenburg, Produced by Reilly Myklebust, Nicole Rodenburg, Colin Froeber, Written by Colin Froeber, Nicole Rodenburg (United States) – Online World Premiere. In this charming road trip comedy, two strangers are thrown together to perform in a traveling theater troupe across the Midwest, and the tests and triumphs of their journey lead them to form the first genuine friendship of their adult lives. 

Peace by Chocolate, directed by Jonathan Keijser, written by Jonathan Keijser, Abdul Malik. Produced by Jonathan Keijser, Martin Paul-Hus, Catherine Legar. (Canada) – Online World Premiere. When a Syrian family immigrates to a small Canadian town, the son is torn between his dream of becoming a doctor and helping his father to rebuild his chocolate business. With Hatem Ali, Yara Sabri, Ayham Ammar, Mark Camacho, Catherine Kirkpatrick, Najlaa Khamari.

The Perfect David (El Perfecto David), directed by Felipe Gómez Aparicio, written by Leandro Custo, Felipe Gómez Aparicio. Produced by Pablo Ingercher, Ramiro Pavón, Fiona Pittaluga, Martín Cuinat, Felipe Gómez Aparicio. (Argentina, Uruguay) – Online World Premiere. Felipe Gomez Aparicio’s unsettling The Perfect David explores with atmospheric visual precision the toxic dynamic between a teenager obsessively training to become a bodybuilder, and his controlling mother—a renowned artist who is directly involved in her son’s pursuit of physical perfection. With Umbra Colombo, Mauricio di Yorio. In Spanish with English subtitles.

See For Me, directed by Randall Okita, written by Adam Yorke, Tommy Gushue. Produced by Matt Code, Kristy Neville. (Canada) – Online World Premiere. When blind former skier Sophie cat-sits in a secluded mansion, thieves invade for the hidden safe, and her only defense is army veteran Kelly who plays first-person shooters online and now lives out her fantasy as Sophie’s eyes. With Skyler Davenport, Pascal Langdale, Joe Pingue, George Tchortov, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Laura Vandervoort, Kim Coates.

Settlers, directed and written by Wyatt Rockefeller. Produced by Julie Fabrizio, Joshua Horsfield, Johan Kruger. (UK, South Africa) – Online World Premiere. In this compelling sci-fi thriller set on a desolate Mars homestead, young Remmy finds herself the prisoner of a mysterious and murderous stranger. Escape seems impossible, but an unlikely friendship might prove her deliverance. With Sofia Boutella, Ismael Cruz Córdova, Brooklynn Prince, Nell Tiger Free, Jonny Lee Miller.


Bebe Zahara Benet

Being BeBe, directed by Emily Branham. Produced by Emily Branham, Marc Smolowitz, Jonathan Goodman Levitt. (United States, Cameroon) – Online World Premiere. In 2009, Bebe Zahara Benet was crowned the first winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race. But the franchise hadn’t yet achieved notoriety, so without an infrastructure to support her next steps, Bebe is confronted with the fickleness of fame… With BeBe Zahara Benet (aka Nea Marshall Kudi Ngwa). In English, French, Pidgin with English subtitles.

ClayDream, directed and written by Marq Evans. Produced by Tamir Ardon, Marq Evans, Nick Spicer, Kevin Moyer. (United States) – Online World Premiere. This warm-hearted portrait of the charismatic pioneer and “Father of Claymation” Will Vinton, follows the rise and fall of his Oscar® and Emmy® winning claymation studio, giving the viewer a front row seat to the battle between art and commerce. With Will Vinton, Bill Plympton, Bob Gardiner, Melissa Mitchell, Chuck Duke, Craig Bartlett. 

Explant, directed by Jeremy Simmons. Produced by Jeremy Simmons, Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey. Executive Produced by Michelle Visage, David Case. (United States) – Online World Premiere. Over the past six decades, thousands of women across the globe have become sick with an amalgam of mysterious and severe autoimmune disease symptoms. The common denominator in many of their cases? Breast implants.

The First Step, directed by Brandon Kramer, written by Lance Kramer (United States) – Online World Premiere.In this revealing observational portrait black progressive activist and political commentator Van Jones navigates increasingly tense and isolating political and racial divides in his attempt to become a “bridge builder” during the Trump administration.

Mission: Joy,directed by Louie Psihoyos, Written by Doug Abrams, Produced by Peggy Callahan (United States) – Online World Premiere. Building from the bestseller The Book of Joy, Academy Award®-winner Louie Psihoyos documents the friendship between Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama—two men who’ve faced immeasurable adversity with an indestructible jubilance. 

No Ordinary Life, directed by Heather O’Neill, Produced by Heather O’Neill and Rich Brooks. (United States) – Online World Premiere. With revealing access, the gripping documentary No Ordinary Life spotlights the esteemed careers of five courageous camera women who thrust themselves into dangerous circumstances—wars, calamities and uprisings—to bear witness and give a platform to the most vulnerable. O’Neill’s thoughtful portrait of these five resilient women brings their sense of purpose—and the risks they took throughout their assignments—to the forefront.

The Phantom, directed and written by Patrick Forbes. Produced by Mark Bentley. (United States) – Online World Premiere. The Phantom takes us on a searching examination of another dark tale of American injustice, delving deep into the details surrounding a Texas murder to determine whether or not an innocent man was put to death, and exploring the prejudice and discrimination that persists today in America’s Hispanic community. 

Primera, directed by Vee Bravo, produced by Vee Bravo, Catherine Gund, Kevin Lopez. (Chile) – Online World Premiere. The highly-charged documentary Primera brings the audience into the volatile circumstances that led to the student uprisings in Chile in late 2019, and how a rising resistance movement—led by student protesters, activists, street artists & community leaders—fought back against the Chilean government’s oppressive policies and militaristic implementation of force. With kinetic flair, the narrative immerses itself in the exploits of activists that took to the streets to reclaim their country and advocate for a just society.

Tigre Gente, directed by Elizabeth Unger. Produced by Elizabeth Unger. (United States) – Online World Premiere. A Bolivian park ranger and a young Chinese journalist risk their lives to go undercover and investigate a new, deadly jaguar trade that’s sweeping South America. Along the way, they grapple with questions of empathy, responsibility, and bridging a cultural gap to prevent the jaguar trade from spiraling out of control.

Turning Tables: Cooking, Serving, and Surviving in a Global Pandemic,directed by Matthew Miele, Produced by Katie Couric, Geoffrey Zakarian, John Molner, Berry Welsh, Jaret Keller, Anne Chertoff-Tavelin, Keelin Ryan. Restaurants are the beating heart of any community. Even in the best of times their business models require operation at 100% capacity and service perfection. New York’s Michelin-starred chefs Eric Ripert, Geoffrey Zakarian and Daniel Boulud and its beloved neighborhood eateries Melba’s, Hearth and Keens Steakhouse, among others, were at their most vulnerable since the start of COVID-19. Their determination to survive and serve their communities becomes a love letter to New York City focused on hope and resilience, while cooking and serving through a global pandemic. With Michael Anthony, Daniel Boulud, Anne Burrell, Marco Canora, Graydon Carter, Loycent Gordon, Eric Ripert, Niki Russ Federman, Marcus Samuelsson, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Melba Wilson, Geoffrey Zakarian


Almost a Year, directed by Jamieson Baker. Produced by Katie Holmes and John Mesner. Written by Jamie Baker and Katie Holmes. (United States) – Online World Premiere, Short Narrative. As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, the overlapping routines of three New Yorkers (Eve Lindley, Emilio Vitolo, Mitzi Akaha) change unexpectedly. With Eve Lindley, Emilio Vitolo, Mitzi Akaha.

David, directed and written by Zach Woods. Produced by Kevin Chinoy, Francesca Silvestri, Zach Woods, Andrew Porter. (United States) – Online World, Short Narrative. David (William Jackson Harper) needs help. So does David (Fred Hechinger). With Will Ferrell, William Jackson Harper, Fred Hechinger, Corey Jantzen, Sebastian Vale.

Desert Dogs, directed by Samuel Morris. (Switzerland) – Online US, Short Documentary. Aya and Ibrahim both live from one moment to the next, far away from Moroccan conventions. They’ve figured out what makes them the happiest: a wooden board with wheels on it. In Arabic with English subtitles.

Last Meal, directed and written by Daniel Principe, Marcus McKenzie. Produced by Daniel Principe, Marcus McKenzie, Danielle Tinker. (Australia) – Online World, Short Documentary. The final feasts of death row inmates are served up in this investigation of capital punishment. With Hugh Ross. 

Milk Toffee, directed and written by Pulkit Arora. Produced by Rigved Siriah. (India) – Online World Premiere, Short Narrative. Bound by Christ to tell the truth, a Goan school teacher (Tanvika Parlikar) is about to report an erring child (Mohammed Huzef). But a revelation forces her to choose between the moral and the human. With Tanvika Parlikar, Shaurya Neer, Mohammed Huzef, William Rodrigues, Bertha & Joey. In English, Marathi with English subtitles. 

Namoo, directed and written by Erick Oh. (United States) – Online US Premiere, Short Animation. A narrative poem brought to life and an ode to a grandfather’s passing, this story follows the journey of a budding artist—and his tree of life—from beginning to end. 

No Plan A, directed and produced by Linda G Mills, written by Rinnie Mills Goodrich. (United States) – Online World Premiere. An intimate and comic portrait of one family’s drive across the country to see their 99-year-old grandfather diagnosed with cancer at the height of the pandemic. With Linda G. Mills, Ronnie Mills Goodrich, Peter Goodrich, Harold Mills, V.

Rise Up, directed by Bryan Buckley. Produced by Tina Densmore Bell. (United States, Brazil, Kenya) – Online World Premiere, Short Documentary. Who is the definitive modern role model for mankind? Is it a politician? A writer? A scientist? Twelve remarkable children from around the world give their answers. 


Ferguson Rising

This program is continuing this year’s Festival-wide celebration of Black stories and storytellers at Tribeca.


Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase the Blues Away, directed by Devin Amar, Charles Todd, Matt Mitchener. Produced by Sheira Rees-Davies, John Beug. (United States) – Online World Premiere. A music-filled profile of guitar legend George ‘Buddy’ Guy, whose unique, intense style, forged from years of gigging in Chicago clubs, inspired generations of blues musicians. With Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Carlos Santana, Gary Clark Jr, Kingfish. 

Ferguson Rises, directed by Mobolaji Olambiwonnu, written by Mobolaji Olambiwonnu, Bradinn French, Jeff Striker, Kai Bowe, Daisy Mo. Produced by Mobolaji Olambiwonnu, Daisy Mo, Tanayi Seabrook, TJ Odebunmi, Lisa Smithline, David Oyelowo, Jessica Oyelowo, Nick Moon, Tamika Lamison. (United States) – Online World Premiere. Before George Floyd, before Breonna Taylor, before Black Lives Matter, there was Michael Brown, Jr. Six years after the fatal shooting of an unarmed Brown by a white police officer, and the subsequent days of protest, filmmaker Mobolaji Olambiwonnu brings a new portrait of the community of Ferguson, the family and friends of Michael Brown, and a narrative from within the city of hope, love and renewal. With Michael Brown Sr., Susan Ankenbrand, Ank Ankenbrand, Rev. Renita Lamkin, Rev. Osagyefo Sekou, Montague Simmons

No Running, directed by Delmar Washington, written by Delmar Washington. Produced by Eric B. Fleischman, Maurice Fadida. (United States) – Online World Premiere. With Skylan Brooks, Taryn Manning, Shane West, Diamond White, Rutina Wesley, Bill Engvall. When a young Black man’s girlfriend mysteriously disappears, he’s forced to go on the run, staying one step ahead of suspicious police to clear his name and to find out if otherworldly forces are to blame.

They’re Trying to Kill Us, written, Produced & Directed by John Lewis, Keegan Kuhn, Executive Produced by Chris Paul, Billie Eilish, Keegan Kuhn, John Lewis, Greg Anzalone, Jay Karandikar. They’re Trying To Kill Us, executive produced by NBA All-Star Chris Paul and Grammy winning artist Billie Eilish, is the follow-up feature length documentary to the award-winning film What The Health, focusing on food (in)justice told through the lens of Hip Hop. Audiences journey with co-director John Lewis as he crosses the country seeking answers to why Americans of Color suffer from disproportionately higher rates of chronic disease than their European American counterparts, while examining the intersections of food, disease, race, poverty, institutional racism and government corruption.

Venus as a Boy, directed and written by Ty Hodges. Produced by Ty Hodges, Gian Franco, Roya Rastegar, Sanjay M. Sharma. (United States) – Online World Premiere. Fresh off a heartbreak, enigmatic starving artist Hunter and alluring, confident Ruby have a whirlwind romance in Venice Beach, but can it survive the harsh realities of her glitzy NYC art world? With Ty Hodges, Olivia Culpo, Trace Lysette, Bai Ling, Estelle, Gilles Marini, Daniel Bonjour, Stacy Barthe. 


Cherry Lemonade, directed and written by Aisha Ford. Produced by Jane Hare, Katie Pyne, Nadine Nadoo, Tema L. Staig, Allison Vanore, Jeff Vespa, Annika Hylmo, Uzma Xina Kang. (United States) – Online World Premiere, Short Narrative. On a hot summer day in the hood, a Black girl (Eris Baker) learns to take the lead on her own terms. With Eris Baker, Skylan Brooks, Chance Harlem Jr, Alexander Jones III, Skyler Priest, Meagan Harmon.

Enough, directed by Caleb Slain. Written and produced by Rick Stevenson. (United States) – Online World, Short Narrative. A dream, a nightmare, a musical. Ten years in the making, welcome to the stormy inner world of one boy (Nathan Nzanga) growing up in America. With Nathan Nzanga, Max Losee.

Waves, directed and written by Agazi Desta. Produced by Miles Alva, Anabel Iñigo. (United States) – Online US Premiere, Short Narrative. A Black, deaf teen (Omete Anassi) wants “Waves” for prom night, but his haircut falls into the hands of an inattentive, rookie barber (Jason Dalhouse). With Omete Anassi, Jason Dalhouse, Larry Banks, Eric Davis, Dameon Victorian, Barry Wilkins, Derrick Stephon Miller, Terrell Wilds. 

Tribeca at Home FAQ

Q: What is a “Watch Window”?

A:  A watch window is how long you have to watch a film once you press ‘PLAY’.

Q: How long are watch windows?

A: Most films have a 72 hour watch window. Some films in the festival are scheduled at specific times with shorter watch windows. Be sure to check each film’s dedicated page in the film guide for details.

Q: Can I pause or rewind during the watch window?

A: Yes, you have complete access to the entire program during your watch window.

Q: When can I watch movies?

A: Many films are available to watch from June 9 – June 23, 2021. Films with an in-person premier, will be available to watch on the At Home platform the evening following their live screening – at 6:00 pm EST and remain available to watch through the 23rd of June. Films premiering on the At Home platform exclusively will be released daily, remaining available for five days each. See the festival schedule and individual film pages for At Home premiere dates and times. Please note that a small number of films will have specific At Home premiere dates with shorter watch windows; these details will be listed on each film’s dedicated page in the film guide.

Q: How many times can I watch a film with my At Home Festival Pass?

A: Passholders may watch films ONE (1) time each. If a film has a watch window of 72 hours, and the PLAY button has been pressed (i.e. the film watch window has begun), 72 hours later the film’s availability will expire – regardless of whether or not the film has been watched in full. Passholders will not be able to start the film again once the watch window has expired.

Q: Can I watch the films from anywhere in the USA?

About the Tribeca Festival

The Tribeca Festival, presented by AT&T, brings artists and diverse audiences together to celebrate storytelling in all its forms, including film, TV, VR, gaming, music, and online work. With strong roots in independent film, Tribeca is a platform for creative expression and immersive entertainment. Tribeca champions emerging and established voices; discovers award-winning filmmakers and creators; curates innovative experiences; and introduces new technology and ideas through premieres, exhibitions, talks, and live performances.

The Festival was founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff in 2001 to spur the economic and cultural revitalization of lower Manhattan following the attacks on the World Trade Center. Tribeca will celebrate its 20th year June 9 – 20, 2021.

In 2019, James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems, a private investment company with locations in New York and Mumbai, bought a majority stake in Tribeca Enterprises, bringing together Rosenthal, De Niro, and Murdoch to grow the enterprise.

About the 2021 Tribeca Festival Partners

The 2021 Tribeca Festival is presented by AT&T and with the support of our corporate partners: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Audible, Bloomberg Philanthropies, CHANEL, City National Bank, CNN Films, Diageo, DoorDash, FreshDirect, Hudson Yards, Indeed, Montefiore-Einstein, NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, P&G, PwC, Roku, Spring Studios New York.