The new production of “Miss Saigon,” based on the 2017 revival of the 1991 musical, is an epic love story captivating audience. Experience the new tour when it plays at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis from April 23 to May 5. Through Lucky Seat, winners can purchase $25 tickets in a lottery.

The drawing is simple. Choose which performances fit your schedule, and then stay tuned to your inbox to see if you have been selected for a chance to purchase tickets. We accept entries until 12 p.m. CT on Monday, April 22, for performances April 23 through April 28, and until 12 p.m. CT on Monday, April 29, for performances April 30 through May 5.

The musical, based on Puccini’s opera “Madame Butterfly,” is set during the last days of the Vietnam War, 17-year-old Kim is forced to work in a Saigon bar run by a notorious character known as the Engineer. There, she meets and falls in love with an American G.I. named Chris, but they are torn apart by the fall of Saigon. For 3 years, Kim goes on an epic journey of survival to find her way back to Chris, who has no idea he’s fathered a son.

Enter the contest through this link:

No matter if you win or miss your luck, they will email you the results of the drawing. Winners will be sent instructions on the next steps in securing their lucky seat.

You must be 18 to enter. Only can purchase 2 tickets. Full set of rules available through the link above.

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