By Lynn Venhaus
There are not two sides to the Insurrection. You either support democracy and the US Constitution or you don’t. Foreign and domestic terrorism is a real threat because of lies and misinformation. 

No voter fraud. 50 Secretaries of State certified votes. 60 cases thrown out of court for lack of evidence and merit. Biden won. Highest turnout ever. 81 million. Majority in electoral college. Facts.

BTW, there is no such thing as Antifa. It’s not a group. It’s a stance. You are anti-fascist if you support democracy and the US Constitution. Nazis were taken down by anti-fascists. There is no good fascism.

Socialism is social security, Medicare, FEMA, police, fire, parks, CDC, libraries, unemployment benefits and much more. Public schools. Community colleges. You don’t like government benefits? Did you cash your stimulus check?You can’t have it both ways. So misunderstood and weaponized.

If you are listening to crazy nationalists and support autocracy and conspiracy theories, take the tin-foil hat off and go to the light. Listen to facts. We are Americans who worked hard to preserve democracy.  What are you so angry about? 

Why do you support a man who told 30,000 lies in 4 years and will go down as one of the worst administrations ever, approval never above the 40s, corruption off the charts and looming indictments? Abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and like Osama bin Laden and Charles Manson, directed his followers to commit heinous acts?

Definition of a patriot is not any part of QAnon, Seditionists, insurrectionists, white supremists, fascists, and anyone who participated in violence Jan. 6. Accountability matters. Truth and justice matter. Then we can talk about unity. Which is a two-way street.

God Bless the USA and the determined, focused and compassionate Biden Administration as they tackle four serious crises that they inherited: More deaths than in World War II, dismal coronavirus response, worst economy since the Depression, and a deeply divided nation.

Note to Kevin McCarthy: No, I do not bear responsibility for what happened Jan. 6. It is on you and your seditionist friends promoting The Big Lie.

Women marching in pink hats on Jan. 21, 2017, because of America electing a sexual predator and misogynist is not the same as beating police officers and murderous intent on public officials.

Nice to be able to have a good night’s sleep now. 

In the end, America picked the kid who stuttered over the bully.

I will always speak out against tyranny. It was an attempted coup and all this “spin” does not change facts.

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