By Lynn Venhaus
Ray Charles “America the Beautiful.” (See below). A reminder that we are all Americans. We’re better together. Right now, we have two Americas, each their own tribe with their own set of facts and their own vision for the future.

I am hopeful. I see people fighting so hard to save democracy. We want to be heard. Right matters. Nearly 100 million people have voted already!We are more engaged after these past four years. We know what the Hatch Act is, 25th Amendment, Emoluments Clause and have a long list of alarming facts and figures that will indeed be part of history when all is said and done.

After the ballots are counted, it would be great to unify, heal and work in bipartisan ways on our problems as this pandemic rages.But we are closer to another civil war than ever before. Terrifying. I pray that what we brace ourselves for will not materialize Tuesday night or days after.

This is the first time in my lifetime where a president may not accept the results of an election, and is ready to have lawyers swoop in, his demonizing rhetoric has made us all anxious. GOP has had a number of cases on voter suppression not go their way — including three on Monday. Marketing intimidation and suppression. Why?

If you, like me, vote on Election Day — do not be intimidated. This is your right. If something is not right with your registration at the polls, then ask for a PROVISIONAL BALLOT. That way, you can still vote for president if not the state and local races.IF you encounter any shenanigans, call 866-687-8683 (OUR VOTE).And if you need help getting to the polls, there are people to help. Reach out. Ride services like Uber are ready to go.

And if you aren’t planning to vote, think it doesn’t matter, how can we convince you it matters? This is your voice.

All over America, election officials have been working hard to insure the integrity of the process and will not tolerate any illegal activity. They’ve been envisioning all sorts of scenarios because of the past few months as the president’s repeated efforts to cast doubts on the election process. Before, the system has gone pretty smooth for hundreds of years — OK, it didn’t in 2000 and the hanging chads in Florida.Have faith in the process and the American people.

We were founded on “We the People” — never forget that. Let’s end this division and get to work on making this country better because we sure need to unite in the face of this unprecedented health crisis.

And end the electoral college and return to three separate branches of government for checks and balances, and…it’s a long list.

But we’re eager to have a good night’s sleep again. Rest up, roll up our sleeves, and restore the soul of our great nation.

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