By Lynn Venhaus

Dateline: March 31, 2020. We’re in lockdown. Adjusting to a new world.

How we all doing?
Today my to-do list kinda went out the window after my morning deadline. Of course checking on family, wishing my sister happy anniversary (She and Dean 15 years!), in touch with friends and watching news. Lot of people ask me about Charlie in NYC. He and Maria are fine, both working from home in Brooklyn. Still I fret.

Prepping for new articles. News never ends, particularly now. Grateful for busy work. Adding stuff to a nearly empty calendar. Just so weird. Then longer than usual nap — sometime life just makes other plans!, a really long shower, more work and walk. Fresh air is so vital during this time — so is light— but I was getting an article updated first so I didn’t get out the door for a walk until 7:15. Little chilly. But nice. I like to mix up the route.

Observation the past week: Us old people wave across the street and say HI. Young folk do not. Hardly anyone out though – I went entire blocks not seeing or hearing anyone. At 8 p.m, some Soulard residents have taken to opening their windows or stepping outside and howling. Like a wolf. At the moon.

Art Installation in Soulard. Lynn Venhaus photo.

I heard about it on Next Door but hadn’t actually heard anybody until tonight. Made me smile. Some blocks more robust than others. Photos here: I saw the outdoor yard art installation on 12th Street near Lami. I don’t know who or what but coming back home, it looked really cool. (And daffodils, but that’s Aboussie Park on April 3).

After turkey taco Tuesday, I must watch “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” for review. VOD Friday and streaming. They cancelled the in-person screening, of course. I will let you know how it is. Another deadline in the morning. Webster Kirkwood Times online.

Something about seeing the daffodils blooming gives me hope. And someone came up with howling. We have not lost our sense of humor! Stay safe, everyone!.

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