By Lynn Venhaus
We are almost looking in the rear view mirror, and 2020 will be no more. Overall, the year tested us all.
We also learned things about ourselves and found out how we handle adversity, how strong we can be, how much empathy we can have.
And just how a pandemic can turn the world topsy-turvy.
In isolation, we can go to dark places. It is really easy to keep a pity party going, but given how we needed to step it up for the greater good, we had to pivot for our own sanity.
Boy, do I miss hugs. But after vaccines and getting the spread down, returning to whatever resembles “normal” life, we will cherish gatherings and social contact again.
We learned to work and play with a different communication skill set. Thank goodness for Zoom, my personal and professional savior..
We learned that staying connected is more important than ever. That small gestures mean so much. That a kind word is the world on a lonely day.And how to appreciate the little things.
We all have things to learn. We need to look at how we can move forward into the new year with fresh eyes, a commitment to kindness and how we can make our world a better place.
To those frontline workers, I salute your dedication, your caring.To those speaking out about injustice, keep your voice active.To those who don’t feel seen or heard, I will try to do better. I need to realize I don’t understand everything but I am willing to listen and learn.
We get to carry each other.
So, today, a time for looking back. I celebrate good friends , cherished family and warm, wonderful memories.
And hoping things will be better in the year ahead. Hope springs eternal.
Here’s to a happy, healthy and hopeful new year!May you have more good news than bad in 2021, and new opportunities, goals, achievements, adventures, learning experiences and inspirations.
As someone named Clinton Kelly said: “May your life be filled with people who raise you up, and May you be smart enough to avoid the ones who drag you down.”
May 2021 be filled with moments, large and small, that define your best life.
“Oh Earth, you are too wonderful for anybody to realize you.” — Our Town
We must find our light to keep on keeping on.
With a grateful heart, peace and love.

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