By Lynn Venhaus
When the U.S. Department of Justice sounded the alarm bells this week, after having no choice but to act on such egregious disregard for national security by seizing 11 sets of classified documents from Mar-a-Lago, information trickled out, each revelation more concerning than the day before regarding what was found at the former president’s residence.

But those initial knee-jerk reactions by far-right extremists, propaganda media and dog-whistling GOP elected officials caused a great deal of harm.

Without knowing what transpired, they shouted to “Defund the FBI” and claimed Nazi tactics. Really? Without any supporting facts and taking the word of a pathological liar, their rush to judgment was disturbing. They continued to rile up the partisan divide that seems irreparable at this point. so irresponsible. If no one listens to logic, we are a long way from public leaders using common sense.

Isn’t there any moderate who is willing to go on record with “Maybe there is something very wrong here, and lives are at jeopardy?” But when no one cares about anything but power and winning, this is where we are in 2022.

The talking points fueling conspiracy theories were nonsense. How fast their violent rhetoric escalated lies and misinformation, damaging the foundations of our judicial institutions. And this is just accepted behavior. Fan the flames because they can?

And to what end? Defending abuse of the rule of law because they think any investigation into #45 is unjust and uncalled for?
Blind support for his unsubstantiated claims that he was the victim, it is a “witch hunt” and “nothing to see here,” which has been debunked, is troubling. Surely you can’t support someone’s abuse of the law, no matter what party you are affiliated with? That is not being a patriot.

TFG is not above the law. Why is it so hard to understand?

Why can’t more citizens admit they were wrong and distance themselves from a man who clearly continues to be a danger to democracy?

While more will come out, of course, so many laws appear to be willfully broken. Time will tell just how serious these charges are, if it comes to that. And there is such rampant speculation, so the sooner we know the truth, the better.

But the national security experts are shocked at the blatant disregard for national security and how at-risk the lives of government intelligence employees are — and it is beyond the pale.

The mind is blown because these laws and procedures are to protect the safety of not only our country’s military, but our allies as well.

No excuse makes this OK. No amount of blaming others makes it legal.

The twice-impeached former president will knock the investigation to further distract people, but this is serious. While he has committed so many other infractions and seemingly isn’t punished – yet, these questions remain a concern.

1. Why have this stuff?
2. Why lie about having it?
3. Why disregard a subpoena?

This isn’t ‘he said, she said,’ but rather based on written evidence, surveillance videos and irrefutable behavior. Interrogations will follow.

I have long wondered what would be the tipping point for those die-hard devotees to realize what an actual liability Trump is, a morally bankrupt demagogue whose mob-boss tactics and long history of corruption has led us to this very scary point. And how the political parties move forward. When will accountability matter?

This inexplicable grip he has is being tested, and while his radicalized supporters become increasingly violent and threats are up, what happens next will be very revealing.

Attorney General Merrick Garland

Now would be a good time to drop the cult-like devotion, say “Enough!” aloud, and understand that supporting a traitor means you are in favor of treason.

When people learn they are on the wrong side of history is a day I hope they must deal with the consequences. But most of all, right the ship. Start over from Day 1 for the betterment of all of us.

I fear if people do not de-program the craven acolytes, we are at a grave juncture.

Every day seems like authoritarianism is imminent because so many people are unwilling to stand up, do their duty and uphold the US Constitution.

And for what?
Be afraid, be very afraid.
I know I am.

Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss:
“Rule of law. Protect our institutions of democracy. Defend our national security. There should be nothing partisan about any of this.”

God bless America, my country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty. Let freedom ring.

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