Cinema St. Louis (CSL) and the Saint Louis Science Center are excited to announce the third edition of their science-fiction and fantasy short film contest – an opportunity for regional filmmakers to let their imaginations shine. This year’s edition has a Mega Monster Movie focus.

The following films have been selected as part of this year’s event. Beginning Monday, Aug. 24, and continuing through Thursday, Sept. 3, the films will be available to stream for free. Viewers will also have the opportunity to vote on their three favorite films, and the winners will be announced as part of the Saint Louis Science Center’s Virtual First Friday event on Friday, Sept. 4.
Follow SLSC’s Event Page for more details.

The Bowl
 (Christina Sittser, 2020, 2 min.) A snack leads to an unusual afternoon when a girl discovers her kitchen bowl has a special power.
(Rahul Menon, 2020, 3 min.) Based on a rumor that might just be true.
Dinosaurs … in Space? 
(Thomas Watson, 2020, 4 min.) 65 million years ago, two outer-space explorers were sent to Earth to capture a specimen and collect the DNA of a dinosaur for scientific study.
 (Lacey Turner, 2020, 2 min.) Jason wakes up and is desperate to run away from something.
(Goldie Vang, 2020, 3 min.) A shaman travels to the spirit world to save his friend.
Just Boom It 
(Ivon Wuchina, 2020, 3 min.) A young man with a broken heart overcomes his troubles with the magic of music.
Kerosene and Matches
 (Trevan Jay Hiatt & Chris Stempel, 2020, 5 min.) A glimpse into the life of a black-ops agent working deep within the CIA.
MAYA the Sacrifice Trailer
 (Maria Brenda, 2020, 1 min.) A film dedicated to mental health.
Monochrome Heart 
(Angel Stefano, 2020, 3 min.) Breaking their usual routine, two artists invite another friend to collaborate on a much larger project.
N.E.O. 421 
(Wyatt Weed, 2020, 4 min.) Two astronauts intercept an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, but on closer examination, they discover that it may not be an asteroid at all.
(Gonzalo Peral Perez, 2020, 2 min.) A fictional story about the evolution of the universe.
 (Jared Goudsmit & Olivia Squires, 2020, 5 min.) Five lovely ladies organize a neighborhood get-together.
 (Julia Koza, 2020, 5 min.) A young girl performs a spell in order to find love.
 (Caitlin Chiusano, Sean Esser & Zhara Honore, 2020, 5 min.) A planet-conquering alien mistakes a high-school girl for the ruler of Earth and competes against her for the prom-queen crown.